By Zhen Yuan
Well, get things back to work... such as this un-updated blog and reinstalling the messenger that's not working for quite some time + upgraded firefox to version 3.3... feels much better now...

but then still can't upload the photos to facebook... xP... eventhough I've tried it on 2 computers... duno y leh?

Recent updates about me:

1. Wasted my holiday time on internet and gaming stuffs like facebook and Dota since that I know that PMR is coming soon...

2. Studied nothing about form 3 syllabus...

3. Got myself more famous (*Che...*) by joining the Vacation Camp 2009 organized my Cheras Gospel Centre... get known to a few new friends over there too...

4. Requested to join the Christmas Celebration Committee of BBGB combined activity but don't know what to do yet... probably registration...

Anyhow something

By Zhen Yuan
Today's maths paper 2 super hard leh...
Don't even have time to finish it...
After the exam only i noe that i use the wrong formula to calculate fraction..
Then, another noob question i anyhow duno y I can miss out 2 steps out of the nowhere...

But nvm, the end of the exams are near!
left Monday and Tuesday only.

Current Progression:
Sejarah around 3 questions estimated to be wrong
Komsas 1 question guaranteed to be wrong
Maths 2 I rather die
English No idea
Seni 1 stupid question confirmed to be wrong
Science 2 more than 1 question to be wrong
BM1 no idea
KH no idea but I noe it sux...

The best of all, 2moro is the BB's founders day! In case u dunno what is BB, it is the Boys' Brigade, a uniform body. I wouldn't explain much here, I'm juz anyhow lazy to type the info's about it...
It is my thrice-a-year opportunity to wear my badge, because I'm anyhow lazy to wear it everyweek. (It wastes my time by doing so)

I will change my blogger layout soon... probably after the exams and I will link all the ppl that I followed...

Pictures of random events will also be uploaded soon...

Anyhow a random post

By Zhen Yuan
Ok. So, today is my twice-in-a-year opportunity to get to internet (and upload this outdated blog) for 2 IT periods.

6 Days to PMR
5 Days to my exam, and I haven't memorize my nilai murni (I wonder y do we need to memorize it), and didn't even touch on seni, pjk, and also EL(because the teacher haven't gave us back "The Phantom of the Opera" workbook.

Current Progression:
BM > Never read at all except for Komsas
EN > Never read at all, but juz a bit of literature
Chinese > Not even a single bit
Sejarah > lol... 75%, last chapter haven't finish memorizing, essay and perlombongan will be touched by today or tommorow (I suppose)
Geografi > 80%
Maths > Quite confident to score
Science > 80%
Pjk > 0%
Seni > 0%IT > 0% (common sense?)

u think I can get a good result? NEVER~~~
Current Progression
Acquired badges :
Nature Awareness,

Pending badges :
Citizen (Advance),
Recruitment (Advance),
Bandsman (Advance),
First Aid (Waiting),
Arts Crafts and Hobbies (Passed),
Community Service (Waiting 4 result),
Environmental Conservation (Waiting 4 result),
Drill (Waiting),
Christian Education (Waiting),
Physical Training (Waiting),
Once Year Service Award.

Hopping for more badges soon. If possible, my target is to get 2 badges on the 4th line by next year's awards day (I know it's hard).

Target in BB for this year and next year :
Song lead for once
Tried out to be squad leader for once
Be a commander during drill time for once
Be active pianist
Be a lance corporal by this year end !!!!!!! (hard by my height and quality)

LOL~ Nothing left here...
Posting a new post but not-so-soon.

55th anniversary preparation camp ( By Goh Yu Shaun)

By Zhen Yuan


well our "very very" "grand" 55th anniversary was held on the 6/6/o9 on 6:55pm we had a blast during de 55th anniversary WOOOO~~ and it was very very successfull~ lols and errour band rox FTW!!!^^ lols anyway ill summarise the whole 55th program jus for you^^

okay~ lets start withthe preparation camp on 30th may to 2nd june

Day 1
i came so early den went down to petaling street i guess nonid talk about dat........fall in time^^ so we started the camp with some briefing then we had ice breaker games ^^ guess what happened to lucky de dog dis time you might already noe dis but tell u anyway we had ice breaker and we were playing dis game dat then de ball hit u u nid to introduce urself and it started like dis someone threw a bling\d shot and de ball like roll slowly and even it din hit me but they all ask me intro anyways so i itroed myself and then after dat it was my chance to throw de ball so i threw it to lucky de dog vey hard it was a softball anyway not pain der and there was liek dis "BOOM" soud and he was like paralysed with his ........ guess.............blurr face which is always dam funny and everyone was like wooo!!!~~~ hahaha~~~~~ den he was still paralysed untill someone pushed him....... den he said " huh i kena throw ar...." LOL it was so dam funny.....after dat he go throw the ball at girl somemore ( Yen May ) so bad zzzzzzz BAD DOG!!!!!!!!! punish u later no diner 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid dog not rajin sleeping when ice breaker LOL!!!!..... no offence wey luek ( game)

Anywys after dat we had band played our concert songs and parade practice den blah blah etc etc.......... normall camp routine duwan say it whaste energy

laugh laugh go mph sleep~~ juniors got halau keluar by corporal loi but den later copral loi got scold by the newly promoted "MR Lim Chun Ming" and then we mus greet de juniors bak...... haiz so noisy whole night untill Mr Mark scold them kao kao^^ LOL kelien ther f3

Day 2
Wah bugle call extra early by 45 mins becos Madam Wendy angry we sleep till so late LOL tired and blur ..... becos our late was like 6: 30 lol is dat even late O.o anyway we fished during worship and sharing..... lucky noone see shhhh......~~~

church den band (me jia wen and andy sold tickets LOL skipped parade oops =X) ........ normall routine..............after band we go tou kan miming team wau so nice LOL

practice concert arrangements kinda fun miming good junior band not bad our senior band WOOOO ROX!!!^^ anthough got some mistakes =X

Day 3

We started with b\extra early bugal call again then we went for breakfast forget eat wat laio..... jus rmmb lots and lots of apples everyday ........LOL even dream about apples liao >.<>.< style="font-weight: bold;">Day 4

Dis was de best day of de camp woo last day last day of suffering untill de actual day anyways

I liked it becos we had a gossip session with madam wendy in de canteen lol we tok about johny and we joked till siao and we had ice cream wooo!!!~~~ so syok ler i LMAO till I ROFL ........anyways we laught till siao liao most fun 2 hours in my BB life LOL ^^

Break camp~~~ said buay to everyone sob.. cya in afew days LOL jking not so emotional lols.....


Actual Day
Wow so fast but we were so darn excited LOL not nervous becos we are man nola jking nia..... were little noys is more liek it becos we were like so noisy and playfull liek monkeys including me ^^ lols
Ok so we started with parade

Then we de de confirmation thingy keep spam say i do nia der

then we got refreshments and get ready for de dinner

ok blah blah~~~ etc etc........ skip to diner start

Love de food ^^ nola normall high class dinner food nia not high class enaf for us LOL^^ anyays we had good food and then we watched all the performances because ours was the last we even served every tabole cakes and suvinears for give me dunoe how spell it anyway we served like we were paid LOL dunoe what made us do that O.o

ok coments about performances

1) miming exelent
2) pre junior dance ( very ying LOL)
3) Kadets dance err dunoe how say lor de tambarine very noisy ler LOL dat was everyones
perspektif anyway
4) MGS indian dance hmm very indiany >.<>.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);" size="5">

PHOTOS ARE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<



By Zhen Yuan
Blogger updated! Now with new layout!

Venice Sink?

By Zhen Yuan

"Venice! Venice! When thy marble walls are level with the waters,
There shall be a cry of nations o'er thy sunken halls,
A loud lament along the sweeping sea!"

The great Romantic poet, Lord Byron's eulogy to one of the most famous cities in the world, foretells a time when Venice finally sinks into the sea. Written over two hundred years ago, Byron's terrible prediction still strikes fear into those who live and work in Venice. And for the many millions of visitors and art historians who

flock to Venice every year, the possibility of losing such a unique city is utterly unbearable.

Venice, a city in northern Italy, is famous for its canals, stunning villas, historic palaces and numerous beautiful buildings. The city is built on an archipelago of 118 small islands in the shallow and marshy Venetian lagoon at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea. Some 400 bridges criss-cross the city's 150 canals to link the islands together. In the oldest parts of town, the canals provide the only means of access - either by boat or along footways leading to and from the water's edge. The gondola or traditional water taxi provides the iconic form of transport in Venice. Today, these beautifully-crafted boats survive, thanks to the trade provided by Venice's millions of visiting tourists. People living in the city tend to go about by vaporetti, a type of engine-driven water bus, or the barges called traghetti which allow pedestrians to cross the major canals at points which are too wide for footbridges.

Because of its unique geographical position on such marshy land, Venice's buildings are constructed on closely spaced wood piles imported from the mainland. The wood piles penetrate a soft layer of sand and mud until they reach a hard layer of compressed clay that lies beneath. Most of these piles are still intact even after centuries of being submerged in the lagoon's muddy waters. Miraculously, the foundations of some of Venice's most beautiful palaces and villas continue to rest undisturbed on these wood piles.

For centuries, Venice suffered periodic flooding by the "aqua alta", the high waters of the Adriatic's winter tides. However, in the 20th century, concerns that Venice was actually sinking down below sea level began to grow. The ground floor levels of many old houses flooded regularly, and the foundations of some buildings began to give way. Investigators realised that local factories pumping water from natural underground reservoirs were causing the subsoil to compact, causing buildings to subside. A ban against any pumping from the underground reservoirs helped stem the problem, although periodic flooding continued to cause damage to many of Venice's unique buildings.



By Zhen Yuan

Imagine walking to school with a computer in your pocket that’s smaller than a marble, and notebooks filled with smart paper that you can download text onto and change whenever you like. All the while, tiny machines are swimming painlessly through your bloodstream, checking your general health and treating your body for disease.

nano01.jpgSound like a fantasy? All of these things could soon be possible thanks to the tiny world of nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology is all about making machines from individual molecules so small that they are measured in nanometres. One nanometre is one billionth of a metre, or about 1/80,000th the diameter of a human hair!

Shrinking technology

We are learning how to make things smaller and smaller. Think of a chip of silicon. By etching detail into it, a microchip is created! As the techniques of etching (or lithography) improve, the devices we make get smaller.

There are many possibilities in the world of nanotechnology. MEMs, or microelectromechanical systems, are tiny devices etched from silicon that have moving mechanical parts and electronic parts. An acceleration sensor in a MEM triggers the airbags in cars.

A team in California has built a prototype of an extremely small and very sensitive nano-ear. One day, these will be injected into the bloodstream of patients to detect malfunctioning cells by the noises the cells make. They could even be sent to other planets to listen out for tiny oceanic creatures.